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11ty Rocks!

A collection of Eleventy (11ty) starters, projects, plugins, and resources created by Stephanie Eckles (@5t3ph)

Smart Incremental Rebuilds With eleventyImport

🍿 2 min. read • Posted on: Mar 18, 2023

Ensure templates that display content from collections, like a blog index, rebuild when associated collection content changes.

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11ty Quick Tips

Useful snippets and ideas for managing and creating 11ty projects.

Includes tips on VSCode settings, site metadata, permalinks, and more!

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.eleventy.js Config Samples

A collection of filters, shortcodes, and other tips for extending 11ty, such as working with dates and extending built-in filters.

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Starters, plugins, and externally hosted articles and tutorials


Build an Eleventy Site from Scratch

Build a site in 20 mins! Start from a blank project and build up to an 11ty site that includes Sass, a blog collection, and is prepared to source content from a headless CMS.

Watch the Collection

Build a Community Site With Eleventy

Based on my experience building, this tutorial will cover how to create a full-featured 11ty site including:

  • How to initialize Eleventy and create useful develop and build scripts
  • Recommended setup customizations
  • How to define custom data and combine multiple data sources
  • Creating layouts with Nunjucks and Eleventy layout chaining
  • Deploying to Netlify
Build Your Community

11ty.Rocks on Youtube

11ty Rocks is now on YouTube! Subscribe today so you don't miss a video. Content will be in support of topics explored here on 11ty.Rocks.

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11ty Sass Skeleton Starter

Featuring absolutely nothing beyond a base HTML5 template and the essential setup to watch and compile your Sass alongside 11ty.

Includes minifiying and autoprefixing of styles postbuild.

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11ty Netlify Jumpstart

Quickly launch an 11ty-generated static site. Includes a minimal Sass framework, and generated sitemap, RSS feed, and social share preview images.

Test Drive the Jumpstart

11ty Membership Site

An Eleventy theme for offering premium content to members by using Edge-powered authentication. Requires Supabase and Netlify accounts.

Review this article on the high-level membership theme concepts to learn how members-only content works.

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Smol 11ty Starter

An extremely minimal Eleventy starter to kickstart a simple multi-page site that provides a nearly opinionless foundation to continue building on.

You can preview this starter or jump right to the repo.

Use Smol Starter

11ty RSS Reader Starter

Provide permalinks to your favorite RSS feeds to populate a personalized RSS reader Jamstack application using Eleventy.

Bonus: This application was built on Twitch livestream, and recordings will be available on the 11ty Rocks YouTube channel. The course covers advanced 11ty templating.

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Twitch Scenes 11ty Starter Template

Scenes are optimal at 1280x720, and are included for:

  • Preshow, postshow, and break messages
  • Main scene with large capture area and host webcam capture
  • bonus slideshow layout

All scenes include a lower third for stream details, which also features embedded chat.

Get the Scenes Template


Eleventy Plugin Template

Kickstart your 11ty plugin project with this template that includes a barebones 11ty build to test your functionality, and docs on how to test your plugin locally.

Also includes a boilerplate for your plugin README, and demonstrates setting up plugin config defaults.

Build Your Plugin

Plugin: Sass + LightningCSS

Compile Sass in Eleventy (11ty) and process it with LightningCSS to minify, prefix, and add future CSS support.

Also respects either your package.json browserslist or a .browserslistrc, otherwise the default targets are > 0.2% and not dead.

Requires Eleventy v2 beta or stable.

Add Sass to 11ty

Plugin: Collection Schemas

Enforce a typed frontmatter schema for templates within an Eleventy collection.

Define a unique schema per collection, then receive output during development and builds to note incorrectly typed, missing, invalid, or misplaced custom data keys.

Docs for Collection Schemas

Plugin: Emoji Read Time

This plugin provides a filter that displays an estimated read time for Eleventy content, optionally with an emoji visual indicator.

The plugin offers config options to change or remove the emoji, update the word-per-minute, and alter the label. A simple string is returned, so the text formatting is up to you.

The default appearance displays one 🍿 per rounded 5 minutes of estimated reading time, ex: 🍿 7 min. read

Docs for Emoji Read Time

Plugin: Social Images

Based on my tutorial, this package creates dynamic images sized for social media tags (particularly Twitter and Facebook) based on your available pages. Use one of the predefined color themes, or define your own style, template, or both to customize the layout (like the ones in use on 11ty Rocks).

Configure the CLI script to run after your Eleventy build, and by default images will be created in _site/previews/ as png images. Use the CLI options to define a custom outputDir and/or a custom imageDir.

Docs and Install

Plugin: Object-Fit Focal Point

This plugin adds an Eleventy Nunjucks shortcode to provide the functionality of generating an image's object-position value in order to keep the focal point in view when setting CSS aspect-ratio and object-fit: cover.

Test drive the results by using the utility app.

Docs for Object-Fit Focal Point

Other Resources

Single-Page Setup (recorded livestream)

I joined Colby Fayock on Twitch in a slightly chaotic hour where I began building with Eleventy.

Check out the recording and learn more about setting up Eleventy content for use in a single-page site, including advanced template and layout features using Nunjucks.

Watch Recording

11ty Web Component Generator

Eleventy makes it possible to mix templating languages. More importantly to this generator is that we can customize the output file type and composite a file from includes.

This generator works with the inherent features of 11ty. Web components are generated within a Nunjucks (.njk) template that outputs the final .js file.

Demo the Generator

Email Generator

Generate simple, responsive email templates, with inlined CSS on build.

Use the Sass theme setup to re-brand the default template, and use the frontmatter keys for flexibilty in the layout. Check out the README for additional tips on creating emails.

Create Your Emails

11ty CSS Houdini Worklet Generator

CSS Houdini worklets require a server to run. While there are many ways to create an environment for developing and testing your worklet, as a static site generator, Eleventy provides a slim way to get setup and testing quickly so you can focus on creating your worklet!

You can preview the included worklet example on this CodePen.

Details and Template