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.eleventy.js Config Samples

Filters, shortcodes, and other tips for extending 11ty

Custom BrowserSync Options

Learn how to open the browser when Eleventy is served by BrowserSync.

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11ty Filters for Tags

Filters for working with tags

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Filters for Data Arrays in 11ty

Learn several ways to randomly pick or subset data, or limit the returned results from a data array.

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Filters for 11ty Content

Includes filters for creating an excerpt and other content enhancements.

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Customizing 11ty Collections

Create randomized and other variations for your Eleventy collections.

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11ty Slugs and Anchors

Extend the default `slug` filter and enable accessible heading anchors.

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11ty Date Shortcodes and Filters

Use this shortcode and filter as a starting point for your date transformation needs.

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