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11ty Slugs and Anchors

Posted on: Nov 22, 2020 by Stephanie Eckles
🍿 3 min. read

Extend the default `slug` filter and enable heading anchors.

#slug Filter Extension

The default slug filter is not quite comprehensive of a few select characters, such as backticks and parentheses, and also doesn't strip emoji. We can add a helper package and update the regex to remedy this.

Usage: {{ title | slug }}

// npm install --save-dev emoji-regex
// Import prior to `module.exports` within `.eleventy.js`
const emojiRegex = require("emoji-regex");

eleventyConfig.addFilter("slug", (str) => {
if (!str) {

const regex = emojiRegex();
// Remove Emoji first
let string = str.replace(regex, "");

return slugify(string, {
lower: true,
replacement: "-",
remove: /[*+~·,()'"`´%!?¿:@\/]/g,

Eleventy uses markdown-it for Markdown parsing, and shows a few options for configuring it in the 11ty docs.

There are several plugins you can add to extend markdown-it, but in this example we are adding anchor links to our content headings. We're also extending the idea from our slug update to update which characters are removed and replaced to create anchors.

// npm install --save-dev markdown-it-anchor
// Import prior to `module.exports` within `.eleventy.js`
const markdownIt = require("markdown-it");
const markdownItAnchor = require("markdown-it-anchor");

let markdownLibrary = markdownIt({
html: true,
}).use(markdownItAnchor, {
permalink: true,
permalinkClass: "tdbc-anchor",
permalinkSymbol: "#",
permalinkSpace: false,
permalinkBefore: true,
level: [1, 2],
slugify: (s) =>
.replace(/[\s+~\/]/g, "-")
.replace(/[().`,%·'"!?¿:@*]/g, ""),

// This is the part that tells 11ty to swap to our custom config
eleventyConfig.setLibrary("md", markdownLibrary);
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