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11ty Community Links: January 2023

Posted on: Jan 21, 2023 by Stephanie Eckles
🍿 2 min. read

11 nifty resources from the Eleventy community, including CSS and JS processing, sharing WebC components, and organizing the config.

  1. Chris Coleman - “Using Eleventy filters in Directory Computed Data” - shows how a switch to using 11tydata.js instead of JSON for data directory files allows regular JS and therefore more complex logic to work out assigning values for computed data.
  2. Benny Powers - “SVG Icon Sprites in Eleventy” - uses a technique of creating a collection out of a directory of SVG icons and programmatically turning those into an SVG sprite, and a clever way to add the sprite only once per page where at least one of the associated shortcodes is used.
  3. Vadim Makeev - “CSS and JavaScript as first-class citizens in Eleventy” - shows how to use the v2 additions of addTemplateFormats and addExtension to process CSS and JS.
  4. David Darnes - “Compile JavasScript and Sass in Eleventy using Uglify JS and Sass lib” - is a gist that gives a little different take from Vadim’s article but using the same 11ty features.
  5. Christopher Kirk-Nielsen - “Eleventy Asset Pipeline: Precompiled Assets without Gulp” - demonstrates an alternative to the previous two articles with the use of eleventy.before as well as addressing a bit different goals.
  6. Ashur Cabrera - “Importing external components in WebC via NPM” - explores using webc:import to share WebC components between projects.
  7. Lene Saile - “Organizing the Eleventy config file” - provides some excellent considerations and techniques for taming your 11ty configuration setup.
  8. Also from Lene - “Eleventy Excellent” - looks like a truly excellent starter to get an 11ty site going quickly!
  9. Eleventy Blog / Zach Leatherman - “The very first beta release of Eleventy v2.0” - the official announcement of the v2 Beta!
  10. 11ty Rocks / Stephanie Eckles - “New Features and Upgrade Considerations for Eleventy v2.0.0” - provides a little more context on the major feature additions, breaking changes, and various enhancements to help you prepare for v2.
  11. Bryan Robinson - “11ty Second 11ty” - a YouTube series where Bryan shows off features of Eleventy in snack-size videos.

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