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Modifying Permalinks

Posted on: Feb 15, 2021 by Stephanie Eckles
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Examples of common ways to modify permalink structure.

Often permalinks are changed via front matter, but you may wish to apply permalink changes in a data directory file so that the change will apply to all content within a directory at once.

#Remove Directory Prefix

As noted in the data directory file tips, you may wish for content contained in a directory to actually appear to live off of root:

permalink: "/{{ page.fileSlug }}/"

page is provided by 11ty and you can learn more about the page variable in the official docs

#Add Date

The following will keep the existing structure based on directory location (provided by page.filePathStem), but prepend it with the content's date:

permalink: "/{{ }}/{{ page.filePathStem }}/"

Take a minute to learn about date handling in 11ty

You may want to use your post title for creating the permalink instead of the default of the file path/filename.

Conveniently, front matter data is available to permalink so you can actually use any front matter to modify the permalinks structure.

However - you need to use it alongside the slug filter to ensure it's URL-formatted.

permalink: "/{{ title | slug }}/"

If you tend to use code formatting or perhaps emojis in your titles (like I do) you may want to modify the slug filter.

#Excluding and Moving Content

Permalinks can also be used to prevent content output, or change it's location.

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